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Another award for LUCTRA® VITAWORK®

After the German Design Award the floor lamp receives the ICONIC AWARD 2019

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Intelligent light

It goes without saying that light cannot think. Yet light can have a positive effect on the human organism. To do so, it needs to have the best…

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[Translate to English:] Luctra-GDA-Vitawork

LUCTRA® VITAWORK® received the German Design Award 2019

After numerous awards for the LUCTRA® brand, the TABLE and LUCTRA® FLEX products, VITAWORK®, the youngest member of the product range, has now been…

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LUCTRA® in co-working spaces: light for creativity and well-being in the workplace

The co-working industry is currently experiencing a real boom. Whilst there were 43,000 people registered to co-working spaces globally in 2011, it…

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Biophilic Design - a major trend improving the environment we live and work in

LUCTRA® is exhibiting for the first time in America

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